Pricing Wood Window repairs and restoration

This is not easy because your house is special and each job is special.
Do you need new ropes on a window? Both sashes?
Is your putty falling out? 1 over 1 windows or 12/12?
Broken pane? Do you want reproduction wavy glass, used wavy glass or a perfectly flat new piece?
Do you want 5 coats of lead paint stripped back to bare wood and finished with a clear finish?

But… ropes should be a few hundred dollars not because the rope costs that much but it takes time. Removing all the putty, built up paint, reglazing and new paint will be $600 and up (see above). Stripping to stain grade with all the above, more yet.

Keep in mind that you are maintaining a window that has been doing its job for 50, 100 or more years. If you do a decent replacement window it will cost a lot and its lifespan will not be 50 years.